Ford Hybrid & Electric

Ford Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

In 2020 Ford launched a variety of Electic Vehicles. These vehicles fall into 4 different categories.

Mild Hybrid (MHEV). A MHEV vehicle works by having a small Electric motor that helps improve efficiency. Mild Hybrid vehicles have two source of power that work together. These two sources are a conventional engine and a battery driven electric motor. The electric motor does not power the car. It simply assists it. The Ford MHEV's are listed below.

Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MH)

  • All-New Kuga
  • New Puma
  • Transit Custom
  • Tourneo Custom
  • New Transit
  • All New Fiesta mHEV
  • All New Focus mHEV

Hybrid (HEV) A HEV vehicle is a blend of conventional and electric power. Again the vehicle has two sources of power. The vehicles can automatically switch between conventional mode, pure electric (for short distances) or use both to power the vehicle as needed. The Ford HEV's are listed below.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (H)

  • Mondeo
  • All-New Kuga

Plug in Hybrid (PHEV) Simply Plug in, Charge up and Improve Efficiency!! Again PHEV's have two sources of power like the Hybrid. However, the PHEV has a much higher voltage battery, enabling the vehicle to travel longer distances on All-Electric power. The Ford PHEV's are listed below.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (P)

  • All-New Kuga
  • Transit Custom
  • Tourneo Custom

All-Electric (BEV) BEV do exactly as the description. 100% Electric. Just Charge it up and go!! All-Electric cars are powered by electric alone. This means it has to be charged before you can drive. The Ford BEV are listed below.

All Electric Electric Vehicle (E)

  • Future Vehicle: Mustang-Inspired All-Electric SUV

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What vehicles are eligible for the Plug in Car Grant?

Currently the Ford New Transit Custom Plug in Hybrid is eligible for the grant.

More infromation can be found via the .Gov website

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